Travel Planning

Planning & preparing for road trip travel in Australia.

Preparing for Travel

Planning a Trip Around Australia

Planning a Trip Around Australia

What it looked like for us from choosing the set-up to selling the house.

Packing Up the House for Travel

8 Tips for Packing Up the House

Tips to help streamline the process of packing up the house for long-term travel.

The Big Lap Australia

Stay Motivated while Planning a Lap!

Tips for staying motivated during your travel planning phase.

Road Trip Essentials

120+ Road Trip Essentials

Here are over 120 essential items to consider packing for any style of road trip.

Australian Travel Blogs to follow

30+ Australia Travel Blogs to Follow

Get inspired by following these Aussie bloggers as you plan your own travels.

Caravanning Tips for Beginners

25+ Caravanning Tips for Beginners

Learn from our mistakes made & lessons learnt!

Australian Big Things Map & Checklists

BIG Things Australia (Map + Checklists)

Print out your Aussie BIG Things Checklists to tick off along the way.

Travelling Australia with Bikes & Scooters

Should You Take Bikes on Your Trip?

Here are the pros & cons of packing bikes & scooters for a big trip.

Iconic Australian Foods

100 Iconic Aussie Foods to Try

Add an extra element to your travels & tick off 100 iconic Aussie foods as you go!

Living in a Caravan Full-time in Australia

30+ Tips for Living in a Caravan

These tips will get you started with living in a caravan full-time.

Packing Up to Travel Australia (Planner)

Packing Up to Travel Australia

The ultimate pre-travel planner for anyone hitting the road for a big trip!

  • 41-page Planner
  • Checklists
  • Decision-making prompts
  • Travel set-up planning
  • Budget estimates & more

Resources on the Road

Finding Water While Travelling Australia

10+ Tips for Finding Water on the Road

These tips will make finding potable water on the road a cinch.

Laundry on the Road in a Caravan, Camper or RV

10+ Tips for Doing the Laundry

Keep on top of the washing pile with these top laundry tips for travellers.

Receiving Mail While Travelling Australia

How to Get Mail on the Road

There are multiple ways to receive mail while travelling. Find out how easy it is.

Caravan Park Memberships Australia

9 Caravan Park Memberships

Find out which Caravan Park Memberships are worth it for you.

How to Use WikiCamps Australia (App Tutorial)

Full Guide to WikiCamps

How to use the WikiCamps Australia app for finding resources on the road.

Best Apps for Travelling Australia

25+ BEST Apps for Travelling Australia

Including apps for camps, resources, communication, safety & entertainment.

Best Camping Apps Australia

13 Best Camping Apps

Find all of the best apps for finding camps & resources around Australia.

Apps for Free Camping Australia

5 Apps for Finding FREE Camps

Top 5 apps in Australia for finding Free Camps & resources on the road.

Dump Points Near Me

Dump Points Near Me (Map)

Interactive map of 900+ public dump points around Australia.

How to Use a Dump Point

How to Use a Dump Point

Step-by-step instructions on how to use a dump point + etiquette.

Where to Empty Caravan & RV Grey Water

Where to Empty Grey Water?

6 options for emptying grey water while caravanning & camping.

Caravan & RV Water Fill Stations

Water Fill Stations Near Me (Map)

Interactive map of 1,200+ public water fill stations around Australia.


Is It Illegal to Carry Fuel on the Back of a Caravan?

Can You Carry Fuel on the Back of the Caravan?

The legalities behind carrying fuel on the back of a caravan.

Is It Legal to Travel in a Moving Caravan?

Can You Travel Inside a Moving Caravan?

Is it illegal to sleep or travel inside the caravan when it’s being towed?

Can You Park a Caravan on the Road? (Caravan Parking Laws Australia)

Can You Park or Store a Caravan on the Road?

Is it legal to park a caravan on the street between trips?

Caravan Towing Speed Limits

Caravan Towing Speed Limits (State-by-state)

Find out the towing speed limits for each Australian state.

Are Caravan Towing Mirrors a Legal Requirement?

Are Caravan Towing Mirrors Legally Required?

Do you legally need to have towing mirrors on when towing a caravan?

What Licence Do You Need to Tow a Caravan?

What Licence Do You Need for Towing a Caravan?

Can you tow a caravan with your regular car licence in Australia?

Motorhome Driving Licence Requirements Australia

What Licence Do You Need to Drive a Motorhome?

Find out which motorhomes you can drive on the various licences.

Caravan Towing Laws & Rules Australia

Caravan Towing Laws & Rules in Australia

10 important caravan laws & rules to know for caravanning Australia.

Travel Apps Planner

Travel Apps Planner

The Planner will take you through over 70 of the most commonly used Australian travel apps.

  • 31 pages
  • 70+ Aussie Travel Apps (13 categories)
  • Select your own Apps
  • Notes sections to help you plan
  • Tick off your choices as you download them

Travelling With Kids & Pets

Travelling Australia with Kids

23 Tips for Travelling with Kids

23 tips for those who are travelling extensively with kids.

Homeschooling while Travelling Australia

Homeschooling & Travelling Australia

Read about 6 families who’ve all roadschooled in different ways.

Caravanning With Kids Travel Journal Review

Kids’ Travel Journal

Easy-to-fill-in journal for kids travelling around Australia.

Travelling Australia with Dogs

Travelling Australia with Dogs

12 tips for travelling around Australia with dogs.

Seasonal Travel

Camping Over Christmas

14 Tips for Camping Over Christmas

Take the stress out of the busiest camping period of the year with these tips!

Travel Books

Books About Travelling Australia (Novels)

16 Novels About Travelling Australia

Keep the travel dream alive with these 16 novels based upon travelling throughout Australia.

Children's Books About Travelling Australia

20 Children’s Books About Travelling Australia

Help build excitement with the kids for your Aussie travels with these great kids books.

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