Tully Showgrounds

Tully Showgrounds RV Free Camping (Closed), TULLY QLD

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*EDIT – Tully Showgrounds doesn’t offer camping anymore, however the Dump Point is still available. Potable water can be found at the Information Centre.

Alternative Free Camps near Tully:
– BP Rest Stop along the Bruce Highway near the Tully Airport (for self-contained vehicles)
– Balyana Rest Area (22km south of Tully)

Pre 2021…

About 148km South of Cairns is the small, green town of Tully. Travellers are welcome to stay at the Tully Showgrounds for free, but must first check in at the Information Centre for a permit as there are limited spaces available.

It’s well-known for its Banana and Sugar Cane plantations, plus the 7.9m tall Big Golden Gumboot placed in the centre of town. Tully claims to be the wettest town in the whole of Australia, but there is some friendly rivalry with another town, Babinda just 82km up the road.

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Tully Showgrounds Camp (now closed)

The Mill and Tully township is just up the road from the Showgrounds, making it a great location to camp for a few days. We were easily able to wander around town on foot to explore.

Each afternoon there were different teams training on the sports field at the Showgrounds and we enjoyed doing a few laps around the grounds as the kids burnt off some energy on their bikes.

It was also really lovely to go for a walk to the Big Gumboot at night to see it all lit up as the Cane Trains came and went from the Mill.

Camp Features

💲 FREE (48 hours – permit from Info Centre);
🛢 Self-contained only;
🐶 Pet friendly;
💧 Drinking water;
🗑 Rubbish bins;
🚽 Dump point;
🖥 Tv reception;
📶 Phone & Internet reception;
🚗 2WD access;
🚌 Big Rig friendly.


The Tully Showgrounds are just on the right as you pull off the highway and head into town.

ADDRESS: Butler Street, Tully QLD 4854.

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Things to do in Tully

Tully Sugar Mill

Tully Sugar Mill

Tully has a population of around 3000 people. The Sugar Mill, which is central to the township, is a great source of income for many of the surrounding cane farmers and locals alike.

If you visit during the crushing season, you can do the Sugar Cane Mill Tour. It’s also great to be able to see the Cane Trains coming and going from the Mill all day and night.

The Big Golden Gumboot

Big Gumboot, Tully
BIG Golden Gumboot

Did you know that Tully gets over 4000mm of rain each and every year?! It’s such a lush, green little town and surrounded by mountains. It’s easy to see why people fall in love with the place.

The Big Golden Gumboot was put up in the centre of town in 2013 to commemorate their wettest year on record – 7.93m worth or rain in 1950.

We really loved the Gumboot as you can climb to the top and have a great view across Tully.

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Alligators Nest

Alligators Nest, Tully QLD

Alligators Nest is a gorgeous tropical swimming hole just 5 minutes from the Tully township. It’s deep enough to float in and for the kids to have a swim, but not super deep. Explore the crystal clear water as it bumbles over rocks and logs.

But don’t worry, despite the name there are no crocodiles (we don’t have Alligators in Australia) about. The name actually comes from the local Scout group.

Things to do in Tully QLD →
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