Wauchope Showground Camping, Wauchope NSW

⛺️ REVIEW: Wauchope Showground Camping, Wauchope NSW

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If you’re looking for Free Camping around Port Macquarie you’ll be sorely disappointed, but the nearby Wauchope Showgrounds offer a great camping area.

We knew that we wanted to check out the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, plus Timbertown, which is in Wauchope, so it provided the perfect base for us.

There are live-in Caretakers that run the Wauchope Showgrounds camping area. We found them to be very accommodating and easy to deal with – they’re doing a great job!

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Wauchope Showground Camping

Wauchope Showgrounds Camping, NSW

Wauchope Showground Camping FEATURES

💲  $10 – $20+ (see below)
📅  Booking required
⛺️  Tents, Camper Trailers, Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs
🐶  Dogs allowed (not to be walked inside the grounds)
🚻  Flushing toilets
🚿  Hot showers
♿️  Wheelchair accessible
💧  Drinking water ($5 to fill up unless staying at the showgrounds)
⚡️  240 volt power available
⬇️  Dump point
🗑  Rubbish bins
📶  Telstra reception
📺  TV reception

Wauchope Showgrounds NSW

Wauchope Showground Camping FEES

Vans & RVs$20 per night (up to 2 people)
Tent or Car$10 per night
Extra people$5 per night
Horse Stable$10 per night
Water Top Up
(if not staying at the Showgrounds)
Wauchope Showgrounds, NSW

Things to Note

  • There are only 16 powered sites available for use, so it pays to ring ahead and check for vacancies before you arrive. You can source out the current phone number with the campground information on the WikiCamps App.
  • It’s a ‘Dogs Permitted’ campground, rather than ‘Dog Friendly.’ This means that dogs are welcome, but must remain at your site. They can’t be walked around the Showgrounds, but you’re encouraged to walk them out along the street.
  • The Wauchope Showgrounds aren’t available for general camping during major events throughout the year, such as their annual show in April.
Wauchope Showgrounds NSW
Wauchope Showgrounds NSW
Wauchope Showgrounds NSW

Wauchope Showground Camping LOCATION

Address93A High Street, Wauchope NSW 2446
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Aus Line Break

Things to Do Around Wauchope

The Old Bottlebutt Tree

Old Bottlebutt Tree, Wauchope NSW

About 12km out of Wauchope (and 30km from Port Macquarie) is the beautiful Old Bottlebutt Tree. She’s a 200+ year old Red Bloodwood who sits in the Burrawan State Forest. The large flared ‘butt’ has a girth of 16m!

The walking track in from the car park is a 600m loop through the forest. The driving track in from the main road was an unsealed road, but 2WDs can easily access it during the dry.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital NSW

The Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie is a fantastic ‘Must See’ while visiting Wauchope. It was such an eye-opening educational experience for the kids and adults alike.

As you’d expect , there were plenty of bush fire casualties. Not just burns victims, but Koalas that have been left stranded with only a small patch of food to survive off and surrounded by burnt forest.

Other major threats to our iconic Aussie Koalas are dog attacks, road accidents and of course chlamydia.

What’s at the Koala Hospital:

  •  Guided tours at 3.00 pm (FREE)
  • Self-guided tours anytime from 8.00 am – 4.30 pm daily
  • Watch Koalas being fed
  • Interactive Koala Museum
  • Reusable Activity Sheet (great for kids)
  • Koala Shop
  • Window view into Vet Surgery
  • Observe lots of Koalas in their enclosures
  • Board with all patient information (including why they were admitted)
  • Look up and see how many you can spot in the trees above

Visiting the Koala Hospital is FREE, but they love it when people donate. There are plenty of boxes around to drop money into – which the kids always love to do!

Here are 9 more thing to do in Port Macquarie while visiting the area. If you’re travelling with a dog, check out this guide to dog-friendly Port Macquarie.


One of the main reasons we stayed in Wauchope was to visit Timbertown. But aside from the weather bucketing down the whole four days we were there, Timbertown was closed for the week (they were on holidays). Ah well, next time!

Timbertown is a whole complete olde world village complete with old buildings, Blacksmith, Winery, Stables, Farmyard, Steam Sawmill, Woodworkers Guild, Goldfields, General Store and more. It’s even got a Steamtrain you can ride on.

It’s located right at the edge of town, so if you’re staying in the area, be sure to check it out. There is an onsite campground as well if you’d prefer to stay there.

Admission• Adult – $23
• Child (3 – 15 yrs) – $16
• Senior – $21
• Family (2A + 2K) – $74
Camping• Tent (2 people) – $10
• Van/ Trailer (2 people) – $15
• Powered Site (2 people) – $20
• Extra people/ night – $5
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17 thoughts on “⛺️ REVIEW: Wauchope Showground Camping, Wauchope NSW”

  1. It sounds like a fab place to stay when you visit the area. It sounds like the campground has really good amenities (it sounds like luxury with hot showers- way better than the camping spots I’m used to!!

    p.s The Old Bottlebutt Red Bloodwood is amaaazing! I have never seen a tree like that! Wowza!

  2. Too bad you didn’t get to see Timbertown. But the Bottlebutt tree looks gorgeous and the Koala hospital so interesting. It made me miss our RVing days. We did it in the US for 8 years and we wanted to do it in Australia, too. The campground is just like what we often used.

  3. I’ve never really been camping, but I’m moving to Australia this year and who knows, I might take up your suggestions! The Bottlebutt Tree looks so impressive, as does the Koala Hospital.

  4. I would love to visit the Koala Hospital it looks great! It’s a shame Timbertown was closed when you were visiting. However, always a reason to return I guess?

    All of the information on the campsite was also so clear to understand and really easy to digest!

    1. We had to learn early on that we just can’t do everything. Sometimes there are budget constraints, sometimes things are closed or the weather is awful. It definitely leaves a stone unturned for next time.

  5. Thank you for writing useful reviews that give an accurate idea of what to expect when camping, both in terms of things to do and costs to expect 🙂

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