Wuruma Dam Free Camping, Eidsvold QLD

⛺️ FREE CAMPING at Wuruma Dam, Eidsvold QLD

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Wuruma Dam camping area is a beautiful location about 3 hours west of Bundaberg, which offers 3 weeks’ worth of Free Camping. The nearby towns are Monto (45 km north) and Eidsvold (37 km south). During our stay we enjoyed a welcoming community, nightly campfires, plenty of wildlife spotting, fishing, kayaking and just kicking back to relax.

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Wuruma Dam Camping Area

Wuruma Dam new camping spot
Source: Sunwater

Wuruma Dam Camping Closure & Relocated Camp Ground

As at 1 April 2019, camping along the waters edge has cease. Sunwater has relocated the designated camping area to near the dam wall and spillway, 2.6km south of the old site.

  • The boat ramp and waters edge is now a walking track and day use area only
  • Limit of 40 camping spots
  • No more camp fires allowed

Going by the comments on the WikiCamps App, people are less than happy about the changes and I tend to agree. We had the best time at the Wuruma Dam camping area, but unfortunately it will never be the same again.

More information from Sunwater here.

Wuruma Dam, Eidsvold QLD
The old camping area around the dam, Wuruma Dam QLD

Wuruma Dam Camp Features

💲 FREE (3-week limit)
⛺️ Tents, Caravans, RVs, Big Rigs
→ Pull-through bays
🚻 Flushing Toilets
🐶 Dogs allowed (on leash)
🗑 Rubbish Bins at the Rangers Station (although you are encouraged to take your rubbish with you)
🥪 Picnic Tables (sheltered)
🚤 Boat Ramp
🎣 Fishing
🏊 Swimming
🚣‍♀️ Kayaking
❌ NO: power, drinking water, camp fires

Wuruma Dam, Eidsvold QLD

Our Experience Free Camping at Wuruma Dam

We found the Wuruma Dam FREE camp on WikiCamps and intended to stay for just a few days, but we were so blown away that a few days has quickly turned into a week!

All of our camping neighbours were so friendly and most people know each other due to being regulars to this great camp. But that didn’t stop them from welcoming us in to their little off-grid community by offering a helping hand when we needed it, teaching us how to catch and prepare Redclaw Crayfish (which were in abundance in the Dam) and inviting us to the nightly campfires.

BBQARM Wuruma Dam, QLD
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Getting Supplies & Making New Friends

Jamie from Jamie’s 4×4 Tag-along Tours drove around in his Landcruiser a few times a week during our stay. He sold basic groceries, like flour, bread, milk, Panadol, mozzie coils, gas, petrol, diesel etc. and would even pick up things from town for you. If your water’s getting a bit low and you don’t want to go anywhere just yet, don’t stress, he would even fill up your tanks (no matter the size) for just $10 – that’s what we did!

It’s also the first place on our travels that have we met some other travelling families. We can’t wait to cross paths with them again as we all head North. (In fact, we did cross paths again in The Gemfields of Central QLD).

The kids have had such a ball riding around the campground, playing lego, dress-ups, kayaking and even boating with their new friends!

Wuruma Dam Camping, QLD
Sunset over Wuruma Dam, QLD

Abundance of Wildlife

The sunsets have been spectacular and the birds are in absolute abundance. We were literally camped with the water lapping at the foot of our awning, with friendly neighbours and plenty of relaxing to fill the days. 

Seriously, what more could one ask for? We all experienced so much in our week there and I know Wuruma Dam is one camp that we will all remember for years to come.

Wuruma Dam Camping Location

AddressWuruma Dam Road, Wuruma Dam QLD 4627

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4 thoughts on “⛺️ FREE CAMPING at Wuruma Dam, Eidsvold QLD”

  1. Margurite Brooks

    It’s such a shame that you can not camp down by the lake,where the camp sites is now ,its too far from the lake you have to take your boat out of the water everything you go fishing you can’t pull the boat in by your camp site like you use to,really it’s put us off going there now which is a shame,and I think a lot of people feel the same as I do.

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you. I’m glad we got to experience it when it was real camping by the dam. Such an amazing experience! I reckon they’ve lost a lot of people since moving the campsite – maybe that was by design?

  2. Thanks for the great report on Wuruma! Just one question: where the heck is the boat ramp, and what’s it like? Concrete, sand, a grass slope? I can’t find any info on it at all, or even a map that shows where the thing is.

    1. Hi Kevin, the boat ramp is basically just a grassy/ dirt slope. If you are standing up at the toilet block looking over the dam, the ramp is down and to the left in a cul-de-sac section. When we were there, most people were putting their boats in anywhere along the water’s edge, but it may be different now that the camping area has moved.

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